'Massive' game sale @ ChoicesUK
'Massive' game sale @ ChoicesUK

'Massive' game sale @ ChoicesUK

Various games for DS / PSP / PS3 and 360 on offer, ie.

Football Manager 2006 (PSP) - £2.99
Championship Manager 2007 (Xbox360) - £4.99
NHL 2K7 (PS3) - £14.99
Princess Peach On The Go Kit Tin (DS) - £8.99

and many more


Princess Peach On The Go Kit Tin (DS) - £8.99 is good.

Conflict Global Storm (pc) £1.99 delivered looks OK

There is nothing that great at all!?!

Perfect Dark Zero £6 for the 360
Pursuit Force £7 for PSP
Resistance Fall of Man £18 for PS3

Some good titles.

I didn't find anything worthwhile there. No decent Wii games, a few good DS ones but that's only because everyone pirates them nowadays, the new Advance Wars and Final Fantasy games were there but I'm fairly sure they had lower prices a little while back.

Voted hot because there are good deals there, just not for me personally.

this sale is old its been going on for the last two months

Managed to get folklore for £17.99 before they sold out, heat and rep added.

PES6 isn't bad for a fiver... plus 5% Quidco.

killzone liberation a steal at £7


old sale

At play.com, NHL 2K8 for the PS3 is the same price (£14.99) as NHL 2K7 is here. So go for that instead.


Perfect Dark Zero! Was gonna buy it from Play for £18 there...
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