Massive games clearance @ currys digital instore

Massive games clearance @ currys digital instore

Found 11th Feb 2008
I have just been to the one in shrewsbury town centre and they have loads of games accross all formats at cheap prices.

I purchased
PSP Scooby Doo £3.00
Xbox 360 The godfather £3.00
Wii Red steel £10.00
Xbox 360 Flatout £4.00
Xbox 360 test drive £4.00
Xbox 360 Call of duty 3 £4.00
Xbox 360 Crackdown £3.00 £6.00
PSP UMD evil dead £0.97
psp ape academy 2 £3.00

They also had a load of other stuff there at good prices

I whent to the normal currys and asked for prices and they were all at full price. I think the prices may vary accross stores


Currys satff tend not to know the prices, they probably wont appear reduced in many stores until u put it through the till.

I just rang my local store up and he said that 'phase 2' of reductions hasnt started yet?!?!? I might just pop down and ask them to price check some of them

test drive unlimited for £4! bargain

Just been down to my local one, they must be snaping em up at my local branch. Crackdown still at £14.97. :o(

Went to Cardiff Newport Road and Culverhouse Cross. Most of the above 360 games scanned at the till at full (sticker marked) price.

Not too great.

had too eventually vote this cold, just been into my local store and all the prices are still £14.99 (got the lady on the til to do a price check)....

Full Price at ours...

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