Massive sale up to 70% off beds @

Massive sale up to 70% off beds @

Found 2nd Oct 2015
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Heat added.Look to be some nice beds, shame no singles. Wanting one each for both children.
Some good prices but annoyingly no measurements of any of the beds!
Amazon seem to have some good deals on atm. Just one for example, which seems to be the same as one available on this deal is almost £50 cheaper:

Roma Italian Modern Designer "Leather" Bed 5ft KS £150 (FAUX Leather btw not LEATHER as it states in the title!)…tml

or on Amazon :

Modern Italian Designer King Size Bed Upholstered in Faux Leather, 5 ft, Black £103.99…1-1
Just checked one of their beds with an amazing nearly 50% off and its cheaper in loads of other shops still - sry man , not great savings to be had it seems
Has anyone ever bought a bed from here? If so are they any good?

Has anyone ever bought a bed from here? If so are they any good?

We bought two Ottoman Gas Lift double beds with the memory foam mattresses in November 2014. The service and delivery was quick and the delivery guys phoned ahead to make sure someone was available to take the packages. I think the delivery company was called Premier Link.

You have to build the beds up, but I wouldn't worry too much on that front as they're quite easy to assemble. There's a ground sheet that you put on the floor once the bed is made up and then we've filled the storage area.

The memory foam mattress seemed a bit thin, but it was very warm and took a few days to get used to the extra warmth over a standard spring mattress that we had before.

It also took a little time for us to get used to the bed being much lower to the floor than the beds they replaced. Others may not be affected, but it was something that we noticed and we got used to height difference after a week or so.

Some of the slats that came with one of the beds had quite deep cracks and I contacted the company by e-mail. The slats were put in places where there was less weight on them as a precautionary measure. They got back in touch within 48 hours and apologised for the slats and issued another package of slats via Premier Link. I couldn't fault them at all on that front.

Back in November 2014, the beds (including the memory foam mattresses) were £195 each. We'd seen similar beds elsewhere and back then, they were all a lot more than £195 with a memory foam mattresses. The extra storage was a real benefit and there were no complaints in our family and we all got a better quality of sleep.


The two Ottoman beds that we bought in November 2015 for £195 with the 'Luxury Memory Foam Mattress' were: Paris Ottoman Storage Gas Lift Bed
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They got 14 days moneyback guarantee
Look for the seller ijinteriors on ebay. They seem to have the exact same beds for a lower price. I suspect they are the same seller because their phone numbers are virtually the same.
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