Massive sell off Co-op Worcester

Massive sell off Co-op Worcester

Found 26th Jun 2014
4 pack twix 47p
8 pack kitkat 40p
Bold gel from £5 down to £1.25 (18 washes)
As soon as they were put on the shelves they were flying off, worth a look in your local co op
First time poster, be gentle


Why cold???????????

Perhaps because Coops, are a collection of regionally or locally run stores, with no real tie up to each other, and offers are rarely in another store, which as they are in trouble, various stores just clearing excess stock?

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Well at least ok if you're quick and local hey. Thanks for the heat

i am well jell.
my co op didnt have anything like your bargains. BUT i did get Persil dishy tabs for £1.25 from £5.00. i bought 4 packs!
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