Master & Commander: 2dvd: Special Edition just £2.99 Delivered @ HMV + Quidco
Master & Commander: 2dvd: Special Edition just £2.99 Delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Master & Commander: 2dvd: Special Edition just £2.99 Delivered @ HMV + Quidco

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Well this is a great deal and can't see it posted anywhere else on here. I personally haven't seen this film but a special edition for £2.99 seems hard to resist.

The next cheapest is £4.89 @ Sendit.

There is also 5% quidco available with this too.

When "Lucky" Jack Aubrey's (Russell Crowe) ship is suddenly attacked by a superior enemy, despite heavy damage to the ship and much of his crew injured, Aubrey sets sail in a high-stakes exhilarating chase to intercept and capture their foe. It's a mission that can decide the fate of a nation - or destroy him and his crew.

With three-time Academy Award directing nominee Peter Weir at the helm, Best Actor Oscar winner Russell Crowe commands the screen in this spectacular action adventure tale of leadership and courage.


To those cold voters let me know why, thanks.


woefull film...£2.98 too much!

Cracking film. Heat :thumbsup:

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woefull film...£2.98 too much!

Got 7.5/10 from imdb.com and they dont just pluck their numbers out of the air.

Plus won 2 oscars, it can't be that bad can it?

Excellent film, very interesting project for a hollywood flick, a sort of intelligent intimate arthouse feel script but with a massive blockbuster stylee budget and some nice set pieces. Paul Bettany, maybe Britains best young(ish) actor and Crowe in good form, I don't normally give heat to £2.99 dvds which are a few years old but I think I will here.

Good film good deal Have some heat.

Very good film, well worth watching.

Not a very good film with an arrogant New Zealand-born Australian actor.

Great film but needed a sequel to make it more rounded. Could have been similar to the Hornblower series, but with a bigger budget.

This should cost more. Excellent film.

Excellent film. Agree'd that it needs a sequal though.
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