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Posted 29 November 2022

Master Lock 8154EURD Bike Lock with Key Lock, 1,8 m Cable, Black £8.45 @ Amazon

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Master Lock 8154EURD Bike Lock with Key Lock, 1,8 m Cable, Black
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Having had a 'cheap' bike stolen, which was double padlocked, in the station cycle rack I do wonder what kind of lock is a real deterrent.
    Two taken out with an angle grinder right under the CCTV wasn't any kind of resistance
    Wonder no more. Allow me to introduce you to the Hiplok D1000

    hiplok.com/pro…00/ (edited)
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    At least it has a Sold Secure rating.

    48877659-jGkEN.jpg (edited)
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    Might protect the bike against an army of arthritic ants carrying it away. Anyone more determined will be through this in the blink of an eye.
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    buy this and keep the local thieves happy!

    10 secs with a pair of bolt cutters and its off!!
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    Okay as a secondary lock for front wheel. Not as your main lock though.


    How to lock your bike video and how not to.

    I've seen the sad remains of a bike secured with just one U-lock, instead of just nicking the front wheel, it appeared that a bike thief had tried to spring the U-lock by twisting it using the bike frame for leverage, but the bike's frame buckled first. I guess that's more like to happen if you use an unknown brand that a thief might think could give, such as the lock on this bike was. But a second lock makes that less likely to happen, as well as protecting the front wheel.

    There was also a bike with a missing front wheel and a locked front wheel with a missing bike in the same stands, as well as quite a few twisted up broken cable locks strewn on the pavement. I stopped riding into town and leaving my bike there after seeing that. (edited)
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    Yeah, I cut one of these off when I lost the key took me about 5 minutes with a cheap pair of hand side cutters... Ok for nothing you mind losing, wouldn't use for anything important. (edited)
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    This is not a lock, its an open invitation to thieves to steal your bike
  8. Avatar
    Chocolate teapots spring to mind... Big fan of your discounted food deals though!