** Master Lock Reinforced Combination Key Safe £11.72 @ Homebase **

** Master Lock Reinforced Combination Key Safe £11.72 @ Homebase **

Found 29th Oct 2014
RRP £34.73. Great for keeping your car keys, house keys or any other important small items safe or just install and use as a decoy Quite heavy, feels well built and solid. Price is good too. Free collection in store. Also you get a voucher for 100 Nectar points with your next purchase.

Master Lock Reinforced Keysafe.
4 digit set-your-own combination.
Black dials are mounted at an angle for ease of use with white numbers for visability.
Material: Zinc.
Size: (H)135 x (W)105 x (D) 46mm.
Limited lifetime guarantee.

See Amazon for reviews (lowest ever price there is £18.70):
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This might stop the GF looking at my phone lol
looks like a good deal
Screw this to your outside wall and tell the local confidence tricksters and burglars old people live on their own at this address!
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Id never put keys in one of these they are so easy to gain entry, youtube shows you how.
Plus most people put them on the wall outside their houses and use small screws to hold the unit allowing them to be removed and picked at some scrotes leisure, then you have to replace all your house locks just in case.
Heat added as they do have a purpose ie hidden away but not on a house etc.
Absolutely fine so long as you don't put anything valuable in them - house keys, car keys - that sort of thing.
Only useful if they can be safely hidden.

Limited lifetime guarantee.

Due to being marketed for pensioners?

Only useful if they can be safely hidden.

Surely it would be safer in full view so a would be robber has less visible time to work on it?
Great deal. Will use inside the house to keep car keys secure.

This is retailing at £40 at screwfix.
decoy for a decoy...
It's a combination lock. ANYONE can crack this with just a little patience.

They're not advised for bikes, so I certainly wouldn't trust my house keys in one.

decoy for a decoy...

my thoughts exactly...:{

for £12, it would give you an idea of would be thieves in your area, for when you go away. when they open it up they get nothing
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Just got two in Ewell store and scanned at £9.96 each, just seen on hukd that its 15% off everything from today for the weekend
Edited by: "stuart1955" 30th Oct 2014
Sturdy bit of kit - worth £9.96 of anyone's
money.If positioned sensibly will be useful..thank you..:{
Mine arrived today. Much more robust looking than the usual model.
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