Master Of Illusion For DS @ 365 games £5.82

Master Of Illusion For DS @ 365 games £5.82

Found 29th Nov 2009
First post please don't hurt me!
Next cheapest I found was £17
Quite a rare game too
In addition, if you go to the ds games section, sort them by price, lowest first, the Red Bull game is less than £4

Did you know Nintendo DS was magic? It is now, as Master of Illusion first teaches users how to perform incredible magic and card tricks, thenacts as an assistant as they perform for others. You'll meet a magic store clerk named Barbara who'll walks you through various modes as you learn and perform tricks.

Only a small percentage of the tricks are open at the beginning of the game, but as you practice and master tricks, more and more will open with the help of Barbara and a host of guest magicians who teach and perform for you! Master of Illusion contains step-by-step tutorials on more than 20 different tricks, allowing budding magicians to master the nuances of performance long before show time.

Tricks use all facets of Nintendo DS - magicians will draw faces that speak the name of the audience's card, or audibly instruct a dog to fetch a selected item. There are also several solitaire games for downtime between performances.

Many of the tricks are auto-performing, so users will be wowed long before they learn how it's done. Once they do, they can hand the DS off and watch others be amazed as well. Pick up Master of Illusion and discover an entire magic show in the palm of your hand!


Looks like a good pressie: my daughter loves magic tricks. Seems to get mostly favourable reviews so worth a punt for this price. Cheapest I can find it is £14 at Coolshop, so voted Hot!

5.82 for a ds game must admit very cheap. cheapest i normally see is 10+ on ANY ds game so good deal!
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