Masterplug 15m Extension Kit was £8.99 now just £1.99!

Masterplug 15m Extension Kit was £8.99 now just £1.99!

Found 2nd Oct 2007
A bit more for your money!
Comprises 15m ultra flat telephone cable, 1 x surface box, 1 x adaptor, self-adhesive paper.
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Link not working for me.

Catalogue number is 552/0248
Direct link:…htm

2% on Nectar points when buying/reserving via nectar site so a whole 4p

This is decent value btw.
The title should tell us that it is a telephone extension kit
Cheers op just what i need
£1 @ Poundland
Poundland is not flat wire, theirs is just an extension (at least it was last time I looked)
Don't try and use this sort of cable for ADSL, make sire you use twisted pair cable as it makes a big difference. no good for plugging the xbox into my bt router then?
deanorgv: you need a cat5 patch cable for that. this is just extension cable for your phone and like mentioned flat cables arent much use any noise would kill data and probably be heard on voice calls
Yup, absoloute cr*p for ADSL. A house I was at today would of been charged a fair bit by his service provider for that very mistake.
I bought the 30m version of this in a pound shop a little while ago
I bought one of these (if not very similar) for more from Argos.. I ended up going on to buy a kit from Wilkos as it was near impossible to get the cable to stay straight - not unless you wanna tack it to the wall every 1 cm
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