masterplug 24h mechanical timer plug £4.99 @ Halfords

masterplug 24h mechanical timer plug £4.99 @ Halfords

Found 7th Feb 2010
PACK OF 3. can't find the 3 packs online. so only instore I suppose.


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I got them to use with the phone chargers, so that I don't overcharge the batteries and kill them.
I did check but did not see any other similar deals lately.

I went down the tip yesterday with 2 of these. Just didn't work. Maybe a different brand. But I wouldn't touch this design again.

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so they were not masterplug??

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but anyway, can you find them cheaper anywhere else?? I thought the point was to find the cheapest price for a pruduct at a reputable supplier.

purchased a 3 pack of these earlier in the week from Currys for £4.97 - instore only.

Pound land has these or very similar for you guessed it a £1.

That way you purchase how many you need and do your bit for the environment.


so they were not masterplug??

Can't remember the make. Looked very similar and had little bits of plastic on the dial.

99p stores have them
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