Masterplug Master Series Home Theatre Surge Protector (8 gang) £10.95 @ Tesco
Masterplug Master Series Home Theatre Surge Protector (8 gang) £10.95 @ Tesco

Masterplug Master Series Home Theatre Surge Protector (8 gang) £10.95 @ Tesco

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I already have one of these, and when I noticed it for £21.95 in Tesco I decided to get another. To my surprise it rang up at £10.95 and I quickly returned for a second.

I don't know if this is nationwide, but there are 5 left at the Westwood Cross Store in Broadstairs.


was it discontinued or just a standard item?

oh my goodness, i literally just searched for this the second after you posted it, i live in ramsgate, hopefully i can get over there and grab one.

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Discontinued item, so don't know if it was store exclusive. But the deal is so good I thought it was worth telling people about in case it is nationwide.

As the shelf price is £22 and there were still 4/5 on the shelf I'm betting your safe if you get up there tonight. Good luck, it is with the car care stuff with alot of discontinued DIY stuff. They aren't with the surge protectors.

ok thanks, got some of the remote control sockets which were discontinued couple months back and they scanned at about 1/4 of price shown.
hopefully can get a couple of these too.

darn it, some one got em all before i got there, i got an 8 way surge protector socket with an 'energy saver' function, which is actually rubbish, because you can't use 5 of the sockets unless the 'master' socket is being used above a certain wattage, which doesn't include my laptop, so i might take it back.

none in my local store but did this:


For £9.77 so happy with that!


none in my local store but did … none in my local store but did this:http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=20001&partNumber=332729&c_3=3%7Ccat_12384361%7CLeads+and+sockets%7C12442120&c_2=2%7Ccat_12079515%7CAccessories+and+batteries%7C12384361&c_1=1%7Ccategory_root%7CHome+Electrical%7C12079515For £9.77 so happy with that!

£27 now

argos selling these cheaper


argos selling these cheaper

Well according to Argos's website they are selling these at £49.99. So how can you claim that they have them cheaper??? Please explain you comment.

I also have one of these surge protectors and they do there intended job fine, never had any issues with it, If I can recall correctly I think I paid around £9 for mine about 9 months ago from Home Bargains.

While I was in TJ Hughes the other day I did notice that they were also selling this exact same surge protector for somewhere around £8, I cannot remember the exact price they were selling at. I would have bought another one, but I currently have more than enough Masterplug and Belkin surge protectors plugged in around my home than I actually require.

Darn, none in stock locally - would pay a bit extra if anyone's feeling kind and wants to sell me one!

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It seems like this is one of those annoying deals which nobody manages to get. I think I might expire it.

No sign of these at both my local superstores :-(

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I've set it as expired, it seems like I was incredibly lucky to get hold of some. It's possible they were dicontinued at other stores a long time ago.
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