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Masterplug Weatherproof IP54 Electric Box With 4 Socket 10m Extension Lead - £16.66 @ Amazon

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  • WEATHERPROOF AND ROBUST OUTDOOR ELECTRIC BOX: From Masterplug, has an IP54 weather and dust proof rating, enabling you a safe outdoor power supply
  • FOR GARDENING, DIY TASKS OR ENTERTAINING OUTDOORS: You can safely use lawnmowers and strimmer's, even in damp, moist conditions or perfect for outdoor Christmas lights and decorations
  • COMPLETE WITH FOUR SOCKET EXTENSION LEAD: The outdoor weatherproof box is large enough to fit bulky large adapters, transformers and timers
  • WITH A HINGED FRONT COVER, A SECURE SIDE CATCH: The outdoor weatherproof box also has wall fixing capabilities as well as a hook and fastener strip to hold the extension lead in place
  • MASTERPLUG IS PART OF LUCECO PLC: They guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship – giving you total peace of mind

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Masterplug Weatherproof Electric Box for Outdoors with Four Socket 10 Metre Extension Lead, Black

Providing safe power solutions for garden and light DIY use.

Use electrical appliances outdoor and in DIY environments safely with this weatherproof electric box from Masterplug at Luceco.

The IP54 rated weatherproof box comes with a four-gang extension lead, giving you a safe outdoor power supply.

  • 351 x 220 x 126.5 mm
  • Four-socket extension lead
  • 10-Metre cable
  • IP54 dust and moisture proof rated


IP54 rated

Making it weatherproof and therefore safe to use outdoors when using lawnmowers and strimmer's, and even outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. The weatherproof box is also suitable to use in DIY environments, where it will be exposed to damp and moist conditions.

Four socket extension lead

The outdoor weatherproof box comes with a four-socket extension lead which is large enough to fit bulky large adaptors, transformers and timers.

Secure and robust

With a hinged front cover and a secure side catch, making it robust and durable. The outdoor weatherproof box also has wall fixing capabilities as well as a hook and fastener strip to hold the extension lead in place.

Safe to use

The weatherproof box conforms to British Standards EN62208:2011 and measures 351 x 220 x 126.5 mm. The weatherproof box also has five cable outlets with two optional M20 gland points.


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  1. Avatar
    Decent box and cable. Had out over Xmas for lights and had no issues. The cable clip is a bit tight and awkward but probably needs to be to be weathertight. Ran mine off an external socket with its own RCD.
    Same here, had 4 of them outside now for over a year and still running just fine.
  2. Avatar
    Just a caution, these boxes will warp when a strong afternoon sun shines directly on them over time. Once they do, rain will get inside the box, and that's when the fun starts. Don't fit one in a fully exposed place. (edited)
    We have had several of these in the garden 4+ years and not had any problems at all. Obviously it might help to keep out of exposed area just to be safe but never had any leak.
  3. Avatar
    bought one of these to act as a big junction box in my garage. it's worked perfectly since being installed before winter. I wouldn't be able to vouch for one being left outside in the rain though, as they're not an absolutely perfect seal.
  4. Avatar
    These work great have no complaints. I just wish Xmas light plugs would all be the same way around so they fit better in these boxes.
  5. Avatar
    Curious. How do you all connect the extension lead into the house? Drill an hole through the wall? Just threw the window and pull it shut anyways? Other?
    Ideally you should be plugging it into an external socket.
  6. Avatar
    Hot. Had it in my basket at less around this time last year, perfect for my needs. Did not buy, missed the deal & have not slept since. Have pushed the button this time, thank you OP will sleep like an innocent child tonight.
  7. Avatar
    Hopefully no more replacing my Christmas lights after continuously trapping their cable in the window
  8. Avatar
    And, lo, there was toast in the hot tub. And the people said that it was good.
  9. Avatar
    Just ordered thanks OP
  10. Avatar
    have one of these under a deck for a hot tub (plug and play hot tub 13amp ) i drilled a hole in the wall and used metal conduit into deck has been there for some years now the cable is not exposed to the sun and still looks great also has a rcd plus the meter board trip mine has been great so hot from me
  11. Avatar
    Same price at Argos.
    8m extension not 10m like this, I believe.
  12. Avatar
    Has anyone else noticed,you have a 4 gang extention socket but 5 lead outlets holes in the box.Depending what your running 4 could possibly be enough if running from a normal plug from indoors. Please someone dont say its for drainage
    1 for mains cable in, the other 4 for the mains cables out = 5 ? ..
  13. Avatar
    My leccie is thinking of running a SWA into this to power some low voltage garden lights. Will be in an exposed area and only ip54. Anyone have any alternatives?
  14. Avatar
    Standard price
    Not sure what you mean? Offer is still on and cheapest it has been for at least a year.
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