Matalan Half Price Sale instore & online now
Matalan Half Price Sale instore & online now

Matalan Half Price Sale instore & online now

Popped into my local Matalan today and found all their Christmas toys and gifts all half price and all decorations, trees and cards too. Along with many of their party wear items I got some great bargains and used my 20% off voucher too saving me more money.

There are also quite a few homebargains to be had as well including cushions, bakeware, babys first christmas clothes and some costumes including a star and a wiseman to put away for next christmas plays all with 50% off. I got a large baking tray for £2.94, a large roaster for £2.94 and a small roaster for 98p.


Just got back also and was going to report the same thing.

Did your 20% off work on sale items? They wouldn't let me have it

Got a gorgeous party dress for £12 though and they had a massive mosaic detail mirror for a fiver...I was gutted I didn't need it or know any one I could get it for!

I'd say that at least 80% of the stock had the pink marker ink on the label...so when the official sale starts on the 24th it's going to be BIG!

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Yes my total was £24 something and I got £4.95 off the lot, didnt question it at all. Im gutted I never saw a mirror could really do with one for my room too.

Buggar...think it was my fault because the printed off voucher didn't come out too well so they couldnt read the terms and scan it etc..so they just did a manual 20% discount and said it wasn't valid on sale goods.

Would have only saved another £3...but still....annoying lol

Just got back from my local Matalan and they have half price on a lot of household items too ie cushions, candles, ornamental flowers, bedding.

I love the matalan sale, last year the 20% voucher worked on sale items too! Got loads of stuff for ridiculous amounts..will make sure i get there early on the 24th..thank you OP

got an iggle piggle dressing up outfit for £7.50 -

for my kid not me lol

voucher expired today

i will nip along tomorrow if i have the time! voted hot :-)


does anyone know what matalans return policy is?

my dad has bought me loads of clothes from matalan but they arnt really my cup of tea, i havnt got the heart to tell him and ask for the reciept as i know he trys, would i be able to exchange them?


Matalan are usually pretty good if you want to return goods - but they will only give you the current price - you are better off getting the receipt - can't you just say too big/small and you need the receipt in case they haven't got one the same in another size???

went in earlier, they had loads of Thomas the tank engine and Bob the buider jig saw puzzels £2 each plus the 20% off, each box had 4 puzzels each, heat added

matalan will give you your money back if u have reciept or if not then they scan ur card n it tells them what u have bought in the last 28days n they can check and refund

matalan sale is always well worth the trip i found

My local Matalan half price sale started today and even stayed open til 6 instead of 4.00pm.

just spent £60 in the half price sale today! *gulps* Lots of great bargains, especialy the larger cup bras which can normally be really expensive, got one for £3 minus the few pennies vat. very happy now, asda sale tomorrow! ...

i went in matalan today...loads of bargains...clothes half price...got a bucket full for my baby and hubby.... Not that good stuff for women though...or maybe it was all gone before i went in


I logged on to check when sale starts and you can now order off the website which you could do before.


im afraid mainly larger sizes available but might find a bargain there
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