Match Attax 2017/18 Advent Calendar - £10 @ Smyths

Match Attax 2017/18 Advent Calendar - £10 @ Smyths

Found 30th Nov
FIRST DEAL - so be nice!

Cheapest i can find this - click and collect only! My Kids are crazy about these things. Just reserved 2 calendars myself.

Match Attax, the World's most successful Football Trading Card Game returns for another awesome edition! The official Premier League Trading Card Game features stunning new cards, brand new foil sets, addictive gameplay and all of the stars of the Premier League! The 2017/18 Match Attax collection is a must-have for football fans everywhere and promises to be the biggest season ever!

Countdown to Christmas with the all-new Match Attax Advent Calendar which contains 24 Match Attax packets including an exclusive Gold Limited Edition Card!


Should have waited until now ought one 2 weeks ago for full price £20 don't know if it was worth it yet


Was either this or Lego, went with the Lego from Asda in the end but this is a very good price.

Nice find and heat added

Super, thank you

Bit of a swizz as there are only 5 cards per packet I think last year these were like rocking horse poo so they have over produced them this year hence and abundance of stock in Smyths and Argos

Will wait for amazon to price match

All OOS near me 😞

good price

Ordered from Peterborough

Out of stock near me
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