Matchbox Basic Cars only 37p each instore @ Sainsburys!

Matchbox Basic Cars only 37p each instore @ Sainsburys!

Found 8th Mar 2009Made hot 8th Mar 2009
These sell for £1.29 normally, 37p each for a quality little car!


would be worth £20 each in 40 years time


would be worth £20 each in 40 years time

At which time £20 will probably only buy you a box of matches (ironic!!!!)

Fantastic deal btw. If my three year old could read this, he would probably be on his way to Sainsburys by now!

Fantastic bargain. These were more than this (49p) when I was buying them with my 50p/week pocket money more than 25 years ago.

Used to love these as a kid. Putting them down the big slide that used to be near me was cool.

I used to love these.

Didn't know you could get them anymore.

I almost cried :oops: Wish I was a kid again.

wicked price... Matchbox have pulled their finger out in the last couple of years and improved again no-end...

Great Deal...

Shame they're coming in those blister pack things.. I remember getting them in little blue boxes

Been to two different Sainsburys today (while hunting a camera) and both shops were selling these cars for 75p each, still cheaper than Ops retail price of £1.29 so i havent hit expire but not the deal advertised here

This deal is definately still alive I bought about ten of these today for the kid in a london store...

Heat added.
My son still loves his cars and i'll be poppin down 2 sainsburys asap

tried a 3rd shop today same as before ..79p each
thats 3 shops in Midlands (Cannock, Stafford & Mere Green)

dealtime, what london store did you get these from please?

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