Matchbox twenty greatest hits cd (exile on mainstream) only £3.23 from Amazon !

Matchbox twenty greatest hits cd (exile on mainstream) only £3.23 from Amazon !

Found 17th Apr 2010
Rob Thomas ,probably best known here for being the singer on "smooth" by Santana is the lead singer of Matchbox twenty who are massive in America . This cd has all their greatest hits on plus a few new songs too

If you like catchy pop rock and bands such as the googoo dolls and maroon 5 you should really like this !


Love Matchbox Twenty, at this price it is a must buy... but i already have it!!

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me too but they are another american band sadly neglected here in the uk who deserve to be way more popular

Train are a good example too. Drops of jupiter was a massive hit here yet every song they have released since has been pretty much ignored . Their current hit, hey soul sister, made number one in US and has hardly had any airplay here !

Probably would buy this if I didn't have all the stuio albums somewhere.

Though, there's normally a couple of tracks 'reserved' for gt hits albums!

Matchbox 20 are one of my favourite bands but I just cant get into Rob Thomas' solo stuff.

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I agree about Rob Thomas' solo stuff !! It's not nearly as good as his Matchbox twenty stuff !


" I'm a Rock-a-Billy Rebel "

they can't be that underestimated - we all have the albums and their gigs are always packed out

or maybe im just a little unwell


I got the wrong Matchbox..........
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