Maternity bras double pack £8.00 @ Primark

Maternity bras double pack £8.00 @ Primark

Found 21st Jan 2014
was in primark today and noticed that they had maternity/nursing bras in store. plain white double pack for £8.00
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forgot to.add this was the edinburgh store staff said its national

Bargin, must be something new as I know they didn't do them 3 months ago when I was looking

Thanks for sharing OP, handy to know although I imagine it will only be the larger stores at least to begin with. Heat added.

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thank you. they are new its great to see primark finally stocking maternity wear it so expensive everywhere else

That's brilliant!

This may not be completely national, as not all stores stock a full line of Maternity wear

A bra deal with no massive sexy pics? Come on, where are the sexy pregnant laaaaaaaaaaaadies!

Anyone know what size they go up to?

and after the first wash the bra will twist around just like the Primark t-shirts...:p

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Anyone know what size they go up to?

im sure i saw at least 36/38d yesterday

Fab I was in mands the other day and they didn't have any. Fantastic price, thanks

Does anyone know if they stock these in the hanley branch?

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38d was biggest size i seen today
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