MATES - Skyn (x72 condoms) £19.99 @ Freedoms-shop

MATES - Skyn (x72 condoms) £19.99 @ Freedoms-shop

Found 24th Mar 2012
Good Deal! 72 for £19.99, They seem expensive in all other websites and shop. Amazon has for £32.45 so not a bad deal tbh.

Mates Skyn is a revolutionary condom made from Sensoprene, making it softer and much more flexible, with all the strength of a latex condom. In short it feels like the closest thing to wearing nothing.
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For use with the 72 Virgins?

Tami- … Durex elite :P 9.99 bargain

Nominal width 56mm though.

Nominal width 56mm though.
I use these when I can't get hold of Trojan Supra and this is a good price for none latex condoms, they are suitable for those with a latex allergy (unlike the Durex non latex condoms).
Excellent for bulk buy prices for clubs, saunas etc. Examples are Mates Original and Protector at £13.95 per gross. Good prices on lube sachets too.
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