"Matey" Bubble Bath for kids £1 each (was £2.49) @ Asda & Tesco

"Matey" Bubble Bath for kids £1 each (was £2.49) @ Asda & Tesco

Found 16th Dec 2010
May not be the best deal but I saw this instore in the Leytonstone Asda as reduced from £2.49 to £1! For all 3 charachters (Max, Polly & Pegleg Matey) Thougt it was a very good deal.

Check on mysupermarket.co.uk & saw Tesco are also doing it for 99p.

Great fun for kids
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have some heat - lovely stocking filler
this post is discriminating against adults with kids in the title. Many adults love this stuff too, takes them back to happy bath times X)

Heat added
Heat added. but matey is always £1 @ savers
amzazing i havent seen this in about 15 years or more lol i may buy some as a treat lol
awwww, brought back some memories..

loved Matey x
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Heat added. but matey is always £1 @ savers

+ home bargains. Heat added
also £1 in wilkinsons
i always get these for a £1 in my local chemist on their pound shelf im sure other chemists do the same
Good deal, the only bubble bath my little boy uses!
boots also have it for a £1 plus you get advantage card points
Bought some the other day - did not smell like it did when i was a kid.
Have they changed the smell?
I was buying this for my children,but my doctor mentioned this stuff is like paint stripper on childrens skin so have since stopped buying it
Wow... I used to love this stuff!
Not the original matey. He looks completely different. Obviously something else they have messed about with. Like Dennis the Menace and the Mr Men
Loved this stuff when I was a kid..lol
Have some heat

Heat added.

As my friend, the creator of Worms, once delcared; ' Heaven would smell of Matey'.

so, you can buy this stuff at 4 or 5 other stores for the same price, all year round... this is hot why?
Wow... I used to love this stuff!-------- Basin Mixer Taps
Wow... I used to love this stuff!--------- Bath Taps
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