Mathletics one day flash sale 40% off subscriptions - £35.40

Mathletics one day flash sale 40% off subscriptions - £35.40

Found 28th Sep 2017Edited by:"redtom"
I know some schools provide this but for those that don't and are interested in this, Mathletics are running a one day flash sale with 40% off the usual price for annual subscriptions.

There are some other sites that do similar things for free (e.g.,…hs/ etc)

Spellodrome is also included in the 40% deal as well.
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Thanks OP - was looking at this the other day and with today's discount am tempetd to pull the trigger!
Saying £59!
I highly recommend Maths Whizz for kids aged 7-10. It requires very little parental intervention, uses an effective reward scheme and adapts automatically according to the child's learning pace.

Both my kids weren't impressed with Mathletics. When they were a bit older, we tried out 10 Ticks and Conquer Maths and although they are okay, they required so much study planning and intervention, manual testing, etc., such a pain and a little too complicated for the average parent.

If you have kids in years 4 to 7 you won't regret getting Maths Whizz for them. You'll really see their maths skills improve in just a few months.

TIP: If you search around you'll probably be able to find a 'home educator' discount code for most online maths tutor websites.
Does anybody recommend this? Any good for a 9 year old?
I absolutely recommend this. We used it at my last school and it really helped to raise standards. I was so impressed that when I moved school I was able to persuade the new school to get subscriptions too. We wouldn't be without it now. Definitely seems to motivate children from year 2 up. Our year ones find it a bit trickier and don't seem to achieve as many certificates.
So, this not be suitable for a 6 year old just starting year 1?
How did you get it for this price?
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