Maths Online Learning System for One Year @ Groupon £9 -

Maths Online Learning System for One Year @ Groupon £9 -

Found 27th Mar 2012
This is actually one deal that I have bought - maths tuition from 10ticks covers curriculum for ages 5 to 16. One user - £9, two users, £13, or 3 users £15. Normal cost is from £79 for one year (carol Vorderman's maths factor is that cost for the month!!!!)

I have used online maths tuition before and because it is computer/ipad/ipod based the kids enjoy it more - lots of games etc.

I know Groupon isnt everyones cup of tea - but hope this helps some parents out there :-)
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The Specifics

• One year subscription to online system for one, two, or three users
• Targeted at children aged 5-16
• Designed to help boost exam results in a fun and motivating method
• Compatible with iPods, iPads, and computers with an internet connection
• Online interactive system written by maths teachers with years of experience
• Contains over 1,000 guides, 3,000 worksheets, and 100s of tests and games
• System automatically finds the correct working level for each child
• Animated, interactive system goes through curriculum at child’s own pace
• Each topic is explained in an animated guide
• System highlights weaknesses and asks the child to re-visit problematic areas

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Summing things up for young minds in digestible form, this one year subscription to 10ticks’ online maths course is designed to gear up 5-16 year olds as they dive into the world of arithmetic. It features thousands of guides and worksheets, along with games and tests to keep things interesting. The animated and interactive system aims to engage burgeoning brains, identifying potential weak areas and helping kids to work on them. The course covers the curriculum at the child’s own pace, so students can take their time absorbing their new found mathematical knowledge.
Unfortunately, our local primary school doesnt - I have bought a subscription in the past when, my eldest was coming up to their Kent Test - but it cost a lot more - but it helped no end - at this price, for me it is a bargain :-))) Personal tuition starts from abt £15 per hour!!!!!!! (something I couldnt afford).
This is not tuition this is just a piece of software.
Sorry - learning system - will change title :-))))
Have asked before - with - mathletics - but no :-(((( And for the sake of £15 for me - it will help my eldest at secondary school and my two youngest at primary coming up to their Kent Tests - well, well worth it imo - my eldest particularly liked games where you play against other children - gives it a competitive edge where they want to win but with the learning too :-)))
BTW Mathletics is £39 for the year for one child, £69 for two, and £99 for three kids.

Maths factor is £10 for the month, and £15 per month thereafter.
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anyone comment on this specific one, is it worth buying it?
Carol Vorderman has a Maths video tuition website but it ain't cheap.

This next one is free, no video tutorials but fun and that's what kids want/need.
there are bits of work sheets for free if you type it on google type free work sheets. but heat added for price
You can register for free to get an online system tour - hth :-)
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