Maths Play (Nintendo DS) pre-order from Amazon for £14.98

Maths Play (Nintendo DS) pre-order from Amazon for £14.98

Found 12th Mar 2008
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Put your maths skills to the test as you arrange colourful numbered cards and create equations in four challenging game play modes. With a variety of difficulty levels, competitive multiplayer action and addictive puzzle play, 'Maths Play' is a wonderful game for the whole family, young and old alike. No matter how you play, it adds up to great fun!


Key Features

- 4 Brain Boosting Game Modes

- Drill - Create an equation by rearranging the cards in your hands. Be careful: one of your cards is an intrude; tap on it, and it will flip over and become an equal symbol (=).

- Shuffle - Kind of a dominos game with equations! The game starts with 2 cards: a number (= the base) and an equal symbol. Use the cards in your hand to complete the equation: place a number or an equation on the other side of the equal symbol that has the same value as the base number. Go on with making equations from the numbers displayed. If you cannot create an equation using the cards in your hand, tap Draw to draw a card. If you are still unable to make an equation, tap Pass and wait for your next turn. The first person to use all of the cards in his hand wins. To obtain an equal symbol, tap on a card of your choice.

- Match - This mode uses the Uno gameplay mechanics. Your objective: be the first to use all your cards. A base card is displayed (like the yellow 3 on the screen on the right). Create an equation that equals the base or use a number or color that matches the base to lay down as many cards as possible. If the base card is a symbol, you can match the symbol or color of the card. Draw a card if you can't play any cards in your hand.

- Nine - Create an equation that is closest to nine without going over. You start with two number cards. You can ask for a third number card, but be careful: you must use all the cards you were dealt. If you go over 9, you lose! The person closest to nine wins the round.

- Game options - Each game mode offers number of game options allowing an individual customization of the game. In this way, you can set your own rules for each game: -set a time limit to solve the puzzles, -decide the quantity of opponents you want to have, chose the score you have to reach in order to win the game, -Chose the difficulty of the equations

- Multiplayer mode up to 5 players - For even more fun, battle against your friends and family using Nintendo DS Wireless connection features. This mode requires only one game cartridge.


does anyone know if this covers the times tables?

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not sure - have you looked at Maths Training?
I think that has times tables on but I'll have to ask my daughter...!

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oh dear - it doesn't get a good review...…tml
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