Matrix DVD deals @ Play.com
Matrix DVD deals @ Play.com

Matrix DVD deals @ Play.com

Matrix DVD only £1.99
Matrix Reloaded 2 disc only £2.99
Matrix Revolutions 2 disc only £2.99
ALL prices are delivered prices. Use Quidco and Codes to save more!


And the best film in the trilogy (IMHO) is the cheapest! Voted hot.

I thought every who had a dvd player had the matrix. my mate got burgled and they took all his dvds except the matrix!

Matrix, one of my favourite all time films, neo is amazing =]...
Good deal heat added

No deal on the hd version though :-(

that is cheap


hot hot hot.....

"you mean artificial intelligence ?"

One of my favourite films, the game wasnt that bad either on pc. Heat added

posted earlier in the April 1st Sale post.
I hate reading comments like this cos because it IS a deal, but I don' think we need a post for numerous items from one sale, especially when it's just 22 items!


Felix, it's people like amibees that help us find great deals easily, and saves us trudging through some dud deals to find the good ones.

All you have to do if there's a deal you don't particularly like is don't click on it, save yourself some time.

Personally, I only click on the ones I'm interested in, I just don't bother with anything that I'm not interested in.

This one? I voted hot and ordered, as I only ever saw the first one, so thanks amibees!
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