Matrix: Ultimate Collection Box Set: 10dvd for £14.99

Matrix: Ultimate Collection Box Set: 10dvd for £14.99

Found 2nd Dec 2007Made hot 2nd Dec 2007
A great price for a great box set in time for crimbo

Matrix Ultimate Collection 10 DVD Box Set - Contains The Following
The Matrix - With All-New Digital Transfer & 2 New Audio Commentary
The Matrix Revisited Original Version With Behind-The-Scenes Footage
Matrix Reloaded - Featuring 2 Brand New Audio Commentaries
Matrix Reloaded Revisited All New Interviews, Scene Dissections, Computer Game Scenes & More!
Matrix Revolutions With 2 New Audio Commentaries
Matrix Revolutions Revisited A Host Of All-New Extras
The Animatrix - Features The Same Extras As The Individual Release
The Roots Of The Matrix 3 Hours Of Features
The Burley Man Chronicles The People Behind The Matrix Discuss Their Work
The Zion Archive A Tour Of Matrix Design Concepts, Storyboards & Drawings
Also Contains 20-Page Soft Cover Matrix Booklet


christ how much matrix can you watch.

Not enough by the looks!

got this set last year when it was on the same offer.
excellent value.
the documentaries are fascinating, learned a few new facts, so I had to watch the films again.. and again.. and again..

any good deals on the HD DVD version?

Great price for the regular DVD but I - like many others - are now holding off buying stuff like this in order to get the high Def versions instead. Warner have already released this on HD DVD but I'm hoping it'll come out on BluRay too eventually...

Paid £20 for this a year or so ago. £15's an absolute steal for a 10-disc set.

Thanks for the info . . .

have to say im a big matrix fan! thanks for posting must have deal

Watching at least the first film should be compulsory.

Think this is over now, gone back up to £59.99 Just when I was about to order aswell
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