Matrix Vortex Shaker £14.99 @ Supplementcentre

Matrix Vortex Shaker £14.99 @ Supplementcentre

Found 25th Apr 2015
fantastic bit of kit if you are into your protein shakes, basically an electric Shaker that mixes it for you! bish bash bosh!

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says 20 for me
Says £20 for me as well. And surely shaking the protein drink is part of the workout?
Virtually the same thing on the Bay for £14.99.…742

I use them for my Martini's........................Stirred not shaken.
sorry guys they must have changed the price last night which is strange as they said it was a 5 day deal? naughty supplement centre
I have a similar machine. Pretty good. Not used in 1 year and it still has power .
I only paid like 7-8 quid from Amazon though. I guess that's a newer one
That good that it's not been used in a year?
£19.99 back
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