Matsui DVDR100 DVD Recorder £9.75 @ Currys

Matsui DVDR100 DVD Recorder £9.75 @ Currys

Found 4th Jan 2009
Go to Currys web site and search for DVDR100

Matsui DVDR100 DVD Recorder

* Record onto DVD
* Record onto DVD - enjoy digital recordings
* Uses DVD+R & DVD+RW discs
* Exclusive Offer
* 5 hours recording capacity

Technical specification
Attribute Value Benefit
No of discs held 1
No Scarts 2
Digital audio output YES Digital audio output allows for easy hookup with a compatible audio/video receiver
Region Code 2
Colour Silver and Mirror
Mpeg Compatible YES
RGB output ability YES RGB output ability for use with computer monitors
Zoom NO Some movies are filmed using an aspect ratio that?s even wider than a widescreen TV and they will appear with small black bars above and below. Zoom enables you to completely fill the screen
Parental Control NO
Remote Control YES Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Height 350 mm
Width 128 mm
Depth 350 mm
TV Tuner Included YES Has a TV tuner built in to the system


hot deal !

Sold out

sold out , not available to reserve and collect :-(

no stock!

out of stock

Original Poster

They had stock when I found it.

I've expired it. Oh well.....

i am going to check in my local store tomoz just in case they still have sum left

Original Poster

Well, it says 'temporarily out of stock', so that suggests they've got some more in the post.

Original Poster

They've deleted the model from their website, so it looks like there's no more.

Oh well...
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