Matsui MAT120 Refurb Refurbished 2GB Mp3 £2.97 @ PC World + FREE DELIVERY !!!!!!!!

Matsui MAT120 Refurb Refurbished 2GB Mp3 £2.97 @ PC World + FREE DELIVERY !!!!!!!!

Found 26th Nov 2008
The Matsui MAT120 stores up to 600 songs with up to 8 hours play back. The compact design includes a voice recording function & LCD display. This is a great value MP3 complete with 12 months warranty. Storage capacity - Store up to 600 songs
battery life hours - 8 hours battery life
other features - Voice recording function

£2.97 inc free delivery !!!!!


Already posted ]here.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

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Yes but free delivery now so even hotter !!!!

just ordered one 2.97 and free delivery, for a 2 gig mp3 YES PLEASE !! if it packs in so what at 2.97 you gotta take a chance


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Yes very hot gonna be a good christmas idea ,
secret santa etc etc

Ordered 3...!!!

not expired; just ordered at 0921hrs

Just ordered 2. You also get the discount for the adjusted VAT rate!!!! A huge 2.5% discount!!!

Just ordered
£2.91 incl free delivery (reduced VAT rate :))

The Expired needs taking off.

thanks, just got me 3 of them. Rep added.

Thank you - 2 more stocking fillers for my boys! :gift:

i think they are adding on the delivery charge now anyone confirm this?

Just been reading the other thread about these.
People are saying they aren't good.
Hopefully being refurbs, they will have sorted the problems out, and we'll get ones which work ok.
Got to be optimistic! lol

thanks just ordered 8

black gerbil1;3571969

thanks just ordered 8

when did u order? did you not get charged for delivery?


i think they are adding on the delivery charge now anyone confirm this?

My invoice e-mail from them says Total Price of £2.91
Nothing about adding on for P&P.
I ordered before 9:30am.

If they try that, they won't get far with me.
I'll be on to the credit card co., and they'll sort it :thumbsup:

Home delivery add £4.86 for me????

Standard Delivery now showing as £4.86!

Had confirmation of my 2 though!

yeah its expired now the free delivery, if you ordered during the free delivery charge period you will be fine

Dear Mr Barber, Thank you for shopping with PC World. Here are the details of theproduct/s you have ordered: Quantity Code Description1 177581 D&I DELIVERY SMALL1 285227 MATSUI MAT120MR DRM Total price: £2.91 PC World order number: P001898972Order placed on: 26/11/2008 09:12:34Payment method: Credit/Debit Card

^^ Got the same message (except for the Mr Barber part)

Ivrytwr3 Rings PC World:

"Hi I'm Mr Barber, order no P001898972. I'm just ringing to cancel the order."

**Ivrytwr3 sn!ggers like a mischevous school boy, throws his head back and laughs like a demented James Bond Villan!!**

not the greatest of quality but good for kids, and when they stop playing music still work as memory sticks, so not bad for less than £3

mine arrived today, comes in a refurbished box, looks brand new though, gave it to the little one to play around with, has a nice rubbery feel to it

yep was 2.91 delivered

Mine arrived today as well.
In a white box with Refurbished on it.
Clearly looks 2nd hand with marks on the controls and a small chip out of the microphone cover.
Wasn't impresed with the condition.
I thought refurbs were supposed to be brought back to "as new"?
Still.... it works ok and the earphones are pretty good (and new thank goodness!)
Not really complaining as only cost me £2.91 incl free delivery
I'll let them know what I think about the condition in the post purchase survey they sent me via e-mail

Ordered 2 and neither of them work. Added music and it doesn't play, just stuck on 'stop'. If you remove most of the music and leave 4 or 5 tracks works fine. Pile of junk. Both have exactly the same fault.

Anyone else?

I reckon these aren't refurbs at all.
More likely they are returns which have just been thrown in a box.
mine hadn't even been cleaned!

Contact PC World and complain.
I e-mailed them, it got forwarded to Head Office, and they are going to refund my money.
They should refund you too.
Mine works ok (so far)!
If it goes wrong now, at least I won't be out of pocket, and if it carries on working I'll have got it for nowt

on the phone now.....

Much more hassle than its worth.
I can return to the store for a refund, except there arn't any near by.
Or they will send someone to collect them between 9am and 8pm but obviously I will be at work and home during that time so cannot confirm where i'll be.
Just gonna have to chuck em in the bin. Waste of £6.

I have one of these, they are fine but as soon as you put a lot of music on there it's painfully slow to access a certain track but fine for playing generally, I paid £25 for mine a few years back.
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