Matsui MAT120 Refurb Refurbished 2GB MP3 Player£4,99@dixons + £4.95 delivery

Matsui MAT120 Refurb Refurbished 2GB MP3 Player£4,[email protected] + £4.95 delivery

Found 30th Apr 2008
Fantastic value! This cheap MP3 player has 2GB of memory. Ideal for those on the move or for portable storage solutions Storage capacity - Store up to 600 songs
battery life hours - 8 hours battery life
other features - Voice recording function
comes with a 12month warranty.


Cheap ? , but not for me, sorry. cool

£4.95 delivery…337

This one for £5.99 + delivery has a colour screen, also a refurb.

bingsy;2003165[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdiadedlmejdehcflgceggdhhmdgmj.0&page=Product&fm=undefined&sm=undefined&tm=undefined&sku=906396&category_oid=-32337This one for £5.99 + delivery has a colour screen, also a refurb.

That's a better deal then the Original Post

hot for me

The bad reviews for the Logik one posted before were enough to put me off :…er/

Rumour has it, the coffee boy that engineered this hammered nails into his eardrums.

Steer well clear of the matsui one's, they are the biggest pile of rubbish ever!!

I bought 4 of them at the same price for family and friends and none of them lasted more than a couple of weeks, 2 of them lasted less than a week. :x

I had bought three matsui refurbs from Dixon as stocking fillers last year.
2 did not even start and 1 would crash after a couple of minutes of play
and since two of the items were not in the country Dixon was not even willing to accept my good faith and refund me.*
Instead they sent a courier (IIRC) to collect the third one and refunded a fiver to my CC a while later.
Why they sent a courier for such a low-cost item, and something obviously shot, beats me.

*They said that they would refund me if I could get the other two broken ones (i.e. pay 20 pounds to post them and we'll give you back what you paid for them)

Cold's not the word

got my 3 refurb minutes ago, one looks like 2 other two were scratched all over but works fine, only problem i have is copying mp3 files onto them, data transfer rate is max 550kb/s whichs is really slow. not sure what the problem is.
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