matter box- free box of intresting stuff.
matter box- free box of intresting stuff.

matter box- free box of intresting stuff.

Thanks to Blobby on freeandeasy for this one.
thought id share it the hotdeals peeps as doesnt seem to have been posted, please correct me if im wrong, if you want to vot cold explain your reasons.


What is Matter
Matter is a box full of interesting stuff.

Matter is a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff?ings you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or give to your friends. It's a new way for companies to introduce themselves by giving you something you might like.
Matter is being tested early in 2008 and the first real Matter box will be created later in the year. If you're interested in receiving the very first Matter box, you can get it here.

About Matter

In an increasingly virtual world, we're beginning to appreciate the value of real things.

Matter is a box full of interesting stuff?way for companies to talk to people by giving them things.

Matter works a little like a magazine by creating specific boxes for different audiences, except each bit of 'content' is in fact a different object each created by a different company. Matter works with each company to create items you'll enjoy getting, which might be something that explains what the company does, its ideas or its values, or simply something to try out.

Matter is a refreshing interlude to the fast-moving blur of modern media. It's stuff you can read, play with, or try at your leisure. But becasue Matter is carefully created it's also a thoroughly modern concept?'s advertising you'll want to keep.

Who's behind Matter

Matter is a collaboration between Artomatic and Royal Mail.

For years, Artomatic has championed the value of tangible objects in a virtual world and believes that complex brands, concepts and ideas are much better understood in our hands than on screens.

Artomatic applied creativity to print production and created a distinctive visual language that lived in the manufacturing and pioneered the use of unusual materials that?commonplace today. It?evolved into a strategic consultancy that helps companies use real things to tell their stories better.

Royal Mail is the UK?original and leading postal carrier, responsible for the universal mail collection and delivery service in the UK. It delivers 84 million items every working day.

With privileged access to every UK household, Royal Mail is an important body in UK advertising, yet it has no immediate relationship with the consumer audience.

Matter is an opportunity for Royal Mail to take a more active and responsible role in fostering a new relationship between advertisers and consumers by creating a creatively led channel; a role that could see it pioneering the idea of advertising you? actually like to receive.


looks interesting

:thumbsup: have given details, ket's see what arrives. Nice one, voted hot

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their is a blog on the site where others who have had the box or a box as im not sure if its the same one or a newer addition have posted comment on the contents ect, quite funny .

i have regestered , will keep posted if i get mine which acording to the site will be withinn a couple of months on a saturday.
i bet i forget all about it, like i always do when i request freebies.:oops:

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found a link to this guy showing what he got in his box.

thanks, voted hot, wonder whats in it?

Love the idea!!!
Ordered mine

Just ordered one for my husband! Thanks for the deal.

Looks interesting

hrm interesting, cheers.

cheers! ive added my name

that video made me laugh. looks sick! i love free things!

all good to get free stuff - nice to give away if you don't need to make you feel generous

sounds cool, just signed up!!!

will vote hot when i find out how!

Ordered mine cheers

Voted Hot



Kool thanks, Hubs is always moaning he never gets any free stuff addressed to him so this will make his day, :thumbsup:

Heat added, cheers. :-D

just seen the video of MatterBox stuff in comment 4. looks good

Ha ha, that looks pretty cool. Just ordered one for the boyf. Never seen anything like it before thanks for the interesting find :thumbsup:

Thanks alot for sharing.

Ordered also:-D. Will post content details once received.:thumbsup:

Thanks. Voted hot

best described as junk mail on steroids - voted COLD

Ohhh how good

Nice one, roll on Summer to see whats in the box!

Matter is free. The next edition, for males aged 25-35, will be available … Matter is free. The next edition, for males aged 25-35, will be available summer 2008. If you'd like to get a copy delivered to your home, please let us have your details* and we'll send you one.

does that mean only 25-35 years will get this?


does that mean only 25-35 years will get this?

I think thats a pretty big hint, for males 25-35 !!!. :?I guess they will do promotions targetted to different age groups at different times so you may have to wait your turn till then...........

Count me in, nice find.

'Ordered' mine & voted hot, thanx

I've signed up... Voted hot, thanks...


Just ordered mine, can't wait to see what's in it. The video posted earlier had some good stuff in it!
Voted hot

thanks ordered one for hubby

Great find!

More info here matterbox.co.uk/mat…=32

But it doesnt really matter if we alldont get one.....


found a link to this guy showing what he got in his … found a link to this guy showing what he got in his box.http://www.viddler.com/explore/andypiper/videos/6/

Cheers for this.
Thanks OP

Thanks. Voted Hot

Hope it turns up :thumbsup:

Thanks heat given - lets see what arrives :0

Link not working for me
Anyone else having this problem?

link not working for me either any ideas guys? i rwally want to get one for my hubby.... only so i can keep the stuff!! lol
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