Matterbox - the next box

Matterbox - the next box

Found 28th Aug 2008Made hot 29th Aug 2008
I see some have already discussed this but Matterbox is preparing to release another box of freebies at the end of October.

Register quick to be in with a chance of receiving a box full of goodies


Did anyone even get one before. Oh well given it another go!!!

The last one never came!

1st one never arrived ...

yeah i never got the 1st one.... oh well try again
fingers and toes crossed this time, not deciding either way unless I get one, sorry

says if you're a male *fumes.
(i play with big boys toys too!)


(i play with big boys toys too!)

don't we all ;-) :whistling:

i signed up to this months ago and never got anything

Original Poster

sorry for offending any ladies just noticed the blurb about offer being for Men aged 25-35 - still call yourself bob and whos gonna know!!:thumbsup:

Its a scam!!


Its a scam!!

No it isn't.

Does anyone have anything positive to say on this?


Does anyone have anything positive to say on this?

I emailed the guy last time about different things to see if i could wangle myself one. It was very personal and good communications and he told me how one would be out later in the year. Few people on HUKD recieved the first one cos we were all to late! :thumbsup:

I am male and 35 but I turn 36 in October, hope I manage to squeeze this freebie in!

I got the last matter box and it was brilliant,I still have the sony ericsson charm on my phone!

I too agree, the manager was very personal and friendly.

Its upto you if you think this is a scam, you're missing out, not them or me.

I got this e-mail today, seems genuine enough to me. :thumbsup:

Thanks for joining Matter.

The pilot edition was a huge success (30,000 of you have joined so far). To make it smoother, Matter is now part of Royal Mail and we’re really excited about working with them to deliver an even better service to Matter subscribers.

The next edition of Matter will be delivered to all our UK subscribers (so you’ll get one) and will arrive at the end of October.

Before we send out the next edition, we need to pass your contact details to Royal Mail so they can use them for future Matter mailings. This won’t change what the data is used for [it won’t be sold, rented or passed to anyone else without your agreement]. If you have any questions about your data please contact us at [email protected].

You don’t have to do anything, but if you don't want your contact details to be passed to Royal Mail, or at any time do not wish to receive any future mailings, then please unsubscribe by clicking here or emailing [email protected].

If one of your friends would like to receive the next edition of Matter, all they have to do is join at [url][/url] but they’ll need to be quick, as stocks are limited.

We'll be in touch again soon when we have a firm date for the next edition and again the day before delivery, so you'll know when to look out for it (and put the kettle on).

If you have any questions, do please get in touch.

Thank you for your patience.

Warm regards

Tim Milne

Matter Media Ltd.
32-38 Saffron Hill

Royal Mail Group
148 Old Street

Received nothing last time - waste of time applying!

@ Banana79

I received the same ...looks promising

The last time i didnt recieve anything but i think the post on here about it only came up as they were already dispatching the others

i didn't get the 1st one either !!!!

I got this email

Thank you for joining Matter. We'd like to give you some stuff!

We’ll let you know how things are progressing and when the box is
coming. And we’ll send you an email the day before your Matter box is
due to turn up, so you can get up early (or not) and put the kettle on.
Saturday is always Matter day.

fingers crossed I suppose!

2ndtime lucky... Hopefully!

ditto to all those who got the email, it states they will be contacting me further with a date of delivery, fingers crossed!

Not one for me they need too much information.

I'm more than a little weary of this one so be very very carefull:x

probably won't get it but did it anyway

Didn't get anything last time either. just signed up again and got the exact same email message as before so i wont hold my breath.

Only a very small few seem to get anything so don't count on this one guys.

I hope they remember to send me something this time!

I signed up last time and got an email the other day explaining. Basically so many people applied that they had to delay it. All those that originally applied will still get one. Just read the blog on the website…=78 . Its not hard.

i got the same email i signed up for this ages ago didnt an dont think ill get one same as last time. but who knows i might be lucky lol

[COLOR="Red"]Got agree with above comments! I registered ages ago with them too and not received a sausage from them![/COLOR]

Can't complain i received two i think that they got a bit over exuberant and started sending out double was a great box it had coupons cookies toilet tissue etc was brilliant.

cardiff – i got that one with cookies, toilet tissues but it was the Moving homes one.

cardiff 2007;2859557

Can't complain i received two i think that they got a bit over exuberant … Can't complain i received two i think that they got a bit over exuberant and started sending out double was a great box it had coupons cookies toilet tissue etc was brilliant.

Yeah, that was a different offer, I got that too. Fingers crossed for some Matter!

Like most, nothing so far, here goes again, thanks

Tried twice now and still not got anything.


There was an article about this in the Sunday Mail today. It is definately legitimate and is one of the Royal Mails ideas to get compamies using them to generate new revenue!

Just signed up - so let's see what happens!

subscription for this release in October is closed. You can still enter for the next one though.

Received an email from mattterbox yesterday, I only signed up a week or so ago......

I'm very sorry to tell you that the first edition of Matter will not be delivered to you tomorrow.

It's taken us a little longer than we expected and we couldn't deliver it as planned, tomorrow. However, we want you to have the full Matter experience, and so we're now going to wait and deliver it to you next Saturday, 6th December, so you can enjoy it over a cup of tea.

Matter is new and so still has the ability to present some unforeseen problems that will get ironed out in time. I'm very sorry if this is a disappointment or causes you any inconvenience and I hope that it doesn't spoil your ultimate enjoyment of Matter.

If you plan to move house or change address between now and next Saturday, please send me your new address and I will ensure that we make the necessary changes.

If you have any questions about Matter, please feel free to get in touch.

Warm regards

Tim Milne

same email. next Sat then.

The 1st box was just a pilot, so not everybody got it.

The 1st proper box is supposed to be delivered 6th December and looks like its going to include, amongst other things, Cadbury's awful granola chocolate, an offer for Love Film, shower gel again and a free o2 sim (not sure why that is special as they are normally free!)
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