Mauviel M'150c Copper Six-Piece Cookware Set reduced from £1,499 to £969 @ Harrods

Mauviel M'150c Copper Six-Piece Cookware Set reduced from £1,499 to £969 @ Harrods

Found 2nd Jan 2017
Might not be for everyone, however if you need some good quality pans you can save few bucks
In average £161.50 for each pan/pot
I'm only using mauviel in my kitchen and these copper pans are my favourite.

Few details from website:

Mauviel’s Copper Six-Piece Cookware Set features a selection of six best-selling products, crafted from heavy-gauge 1.5mm-thick copper. Mauviel pans are designed to deliver the highest level of precision and performance. Mauviel’s culinary legacy spans more than 175 years, making their trademark copper cookware a favourite in leading restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. This set is ideal for those setting up their own home, or as a luxury gift for culinary enthusiasts.
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Thanks, the staff will appreciate these.
Induction suitable?
Are they any good for cooking oven chips ?
I purchased £60 circulons oOand tought that was alot and im ever so careful hardly cook id starve with these pans to avoid ruining them for the price wow
Do these come with instructions on how to put these into any conversation so people are aware how much you spent on pans ?
these would look great on the campsite.
Awesome pans, and well worth some heat. Thanks for posting...
Extra 10% off if you join Harrods Rewards. Ends tonight (includes sale and non-sale items):…ale

Induction suitable?

Not good for induction, unless you buy one of these…00/?cm_mmc=PLA-_-Google-_-HomeTech-_-MAUVIEL&ci_src=18615224&ci_sku=20658472&$$&_$ja=tsid:35948%7Ccid:198904654%7Cagid:10886005174%7Ctid:aud-51965299119:pla-74889032734%7Ccrid:40397350174%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:11468430663253391822%7Cdvc:c%7Cadp:1o1&gclid=COLC_MTMpNECFUGNGwod7xUCNg
Will these make my Lidl spaghetti hoops taste better ?
Copper pans will heat quicker & more evenly reducing cooking time. Aldi were doing copper recently
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