MAVALA pack of five nail polish set Was £22 Now £5.94 @ Debenhams

MAVALA pack of five nail polish set Was £22 Now £5.94 @ Debenhams

Found 31st May 2013
Individually they cost over £4 each so this is a bargain!
This set of five nail varnishes from Mavala has a rich colour palette ranging from bright red and fuchsia pink to matte and metallic grey, with a dark violet shade in between. For best results, smooth generous amounts evenly onto each nail, using the in built brushes.
Set includes:
Los Angeles - red 5ml
Racy Fuchsia - pink 5ml
Matte Minsk - grey 5ml
Metallic Grey 5ml
Shimmer violet 5ml
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Also found this six piece pedicure set Was £25 Now £6.75…_-1
Very good find Op, deserves some heat.
and a nice happy piccy
Tempted me.....thanks.
Ordered & heat, thanks
These are great, thanks xposure!

Worth bearing in mind that these bottles are the little 5ml ones, usual nail polish bottles are 12-15ml
Are these any good i normally use OPI or Avon. One coat is usually all i need with those.
I have a giftset from last Christmas, metallic tones and dark purples / reds - the metallics are really pretty over a French Polish, they're pretty good. I use them with the OPI quick-dry top coat (you'll probably have that if you're an OPI user IWOOTN?)
The darker shades need two coats really, in my opinion
Ooo stock now takes 24 hrs to update : (
i dont like 2-3 of them
The pedicure set is still in stock if anyone is interested, it's just over £14 on Beautybay and look fantastic so still a good bargain, hope it helps someone
We use to sell mavala but they never seemed to keep up with the trends we are currently selling it for a pound a pop. its quality but boring colours
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