Max Factor Gift Boxes - Free with any purchase @ Boots Instore Only
Max Factor Gift Boxes - Free with any purchase @ Boots Instore Only

Max Factor Gift Boxes - Free with any purchase @ Boots Instore Only

Gift boxes are available in Red and Black, advertised instore as free with £15 purchase of Max Factor products.
But they are going through the tills free with any purchase and no minimum spend.
Whats more you can have both the Red and Black gift boxes free in one transaction, as the tills recognise these as seperate products.
These boxes are ideal valentine gifts, and each box contain the following -
1 x Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation 15ml
1 x Max Factor Lipgloss (pink) 10ml
1 x Olay complete care daily UV cream 15ml
1 x Olay complete Care night enriched cream 15ml
1 x Max Factor Kohl Pencil
1 x Max Factor Eyeshadow (pink)
Contents advertised as worth £30.....

.... So £60's worth of products with any purchase.

Edit: Just to clarify, the 'glitch' works with any purchase, doesn't have to be a max factor product.
For Example in 1 transaction I bought Dove bodywash @ £2.95 on bogof - so got 2 bottles and 2 gift boxes (1 red, 1 black) all for £2.95!
- saintscouple


Thanks for the pointer

This offer is not available in all branches of Boots. Just the larger stores. Also, the stores that are not doing this promotion have a "No 7" offer of a make up bag if you spend over £15 on "No 7" products - so don't get mixed up - the offer above is Max Factor not No 7. I haven't tried to purchase yet, but may do later this week, if it still works.

Great find thank you. I love Boots glitches!! Will have to try this if I can get to Boots this week (not easy with it being half term!)

Thanks for this. Boots in Bexleyheath have only got the red box & the staff didn't know what the promotion was as nothing is advertised. I needed a new mascara so decided to go for a Max Factor one anyway. Love freebies:thumbsup:

Tried to get one today in Gloucester but they have put them all away under the counter and are only giving them out when you purchase £15.00 of max factor make up,worth a try !!!!!

I think I might actually love you!! I went at lunchtime and got both boxes for nothing! Amazing, how did you figure out that it even worked?! Who cares anyway, brilliant thanks so much!! :-)

this is great, went to Boots today, bought something for £2.48 and got red and black boxes free :giggle:

boots also gives quite nice free No7 cosmetic bag if you spend over £15 on No7, but i have spent £9.98 and the bag went through as well, so i think that's the same as with the Max Factor boxes... (it was half price goods, not sure if it counts it before the discount or after...) nice present for someone ;-)
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