Max & Paddy Box Set - 2 DVD & Bonus CD - £4.99 delivered from HMV + Quidco

Max & Paddy Box Set - 2 DVD & Bonus CD - £4.99 delivered from HMV + Quidco

£4.99HMV Deals
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Found 15th Apr 2009
Next cheapest £13.98 at Amazon.

2DVD & CD Pack - Contains:

* Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere
* Max & Paddy's 'Power Of Two' Workout
* Max & Paddy Road To Nowhere - TV Soundtrack CD (20 Tracks)


Original Poster Banned

got this for christmas, great price. worth every penny

i love this show, its so funny. shame they only made the one series

The Soundtrack alone is well worth it, heat added :roll:

HOT, great show.... really funny

The DVDs in this boxset are £5.99 each at HMV,which makes this a must buy for me!

Voted hot!

thanks.not as good as phoenix nights but for all the stuff you get had to buy it:)

Bought this at christmas 9.99 Fully recommend very funny and worthit

Hot and ordered!

Loved this when it was on the box, thanks for the post.

Voted hot, thanks

Added heat - ordered, bargain! Thanks!

One of my favourite comedy shows, I can still laugh to tears watching that scene with the pig in the motorhome... how dare you!


haha i love these 2 haha they are soo funny!! great dvd

Received today :-D


Received today :-D

Same here!


hi has this offer expired? I've gone onto the link and it £13.99?

More that likely seeing as it was posted nearly 3 months ago now

I'll mark as expired

has this offer expired - ive been on the hmv website and its £13.99? :?:

thought it might have - great offer though, hope it comes back!:roll:
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