Max Payne 3 Xbox 360 Sainsburys Instore £5

Max Payne 3 Xbox 360 Sainsburys Instore £5

Found 19th Jul 2014
Just picked this up in Shrewsbury Sainsbury's, thought it was a good deal.

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£4.50 in Tescos I think.

Well it's been a while since a max payne 3 £5 deal has been posted.

Yea it's pretty much 5 quid in every store now. I bought it at a fiver bout a year and a half ago. Great game and great price.

THis went down in price very quickly. I paid about £6 like 2 years ago.

You're right, it IS a good deal. Trouble is it's been a fiver for a few years now in other major supermarkets, hence all the cold votes.
Enjoy your new game though, it has some great moments and some of the best graphics you'll see on the 360.
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