maxell 1gb flash drive £3.00 instore @ Asda

maxell 1gb flash drive £3.00 instore @ Asda



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That looks like exactly the same one that I bought a couple of years back. If so, it's got a built-in partition on it that's the most annoying thing ever. It's not possible to get rid of it either.
Regardless though, it's a 1GB stick for £3 so it's a hot from me.

Thanks heat added

Great price, voted hot :thumbsup:

Can't believe how cheap memory storage is these day's, it doesn't seem long ago I used to pay double that for a pack of 10 x 1.44mb 3.5" floppy discs (showing my age here, I guess some of you won't even know what they were!), and you'd need just over 700 of them, to give the same amount of storage as this tiny £3 USB stick, amazing.Infact, thinking about it, my first PC, which ran Windows 95 back in 1996, cost £1250, and had a 1.1gb HDD, now we complain if a PC has less than that for RAM! Excuse the nostalgia:oops:

yep it sure does look like that annoying 1gb stick i bought from play couple years ago. that thing was annoying.

I seen these in asda home @ teesside park, i am sure they also had the same model in 2,3 and 4Gig for £4,£6 and £8 not a bad price but it seems like the bigger drive you get the cheaper per Gig now, you can often find a deal for a 16Gb stick for around £16

Good for an instore price, but a 1gb one is slightly cheaper @ £2.49 delivered here:…225
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