Maxell Blank CD-R 52x 50 Discs / Carry Pack £5.00 Delivered @

Maxell Blank CD-R 52x 50 Discs / Carry Pack £5.00 Delivered @

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Good price?



Thanks for your post Ive added a retailer and a price to your title,as we try to do this when posting deals and it helps our mobile users

Got some of these in B&M Bargains for the same price and thought it was a good deal.

They've always been this price got some like a year or so ago for the same price voted hot regardless

bargain - just bought myself these.
thanks. heat added

about average price youd expect to pay for cd-r's.

sounds OK to me -ordered some

Its a good deal although I usually go for Datwrite and Datasafe brands

I bought these a while back, have never had a problem with them.

Good discs but the packaging is sh!t.

i like these cds. they aint too bad. but im sure they've been on offer like 100 cds for £5 before
i can't remember properly... i could be wrong.
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