Maxfactor Giftsets Instore @ tesco £3.75 and £4.75
Maxfactor Giftsets Instore @ tesco £3.75 and £4.75

Maxfactor Giftsets Instore @ tesco £3.75 and £4.75

Maxfactor gift set with blue ribbion contains all full size products- £3.75
-Maxfactor masterpiece beyond length mascara
-Maxfactor colour perfection eyeshadow duo in star studded black
-Maxfactor colour perfection eyeliner black

Maxfactor giftset with pink ribbon contains all full sized products -£4,25
-Maxfactor MasterpieceMax Mascara Black
-Maxfactor colour collections lipstick dusky rose
-Maxfactor Nailfinity dusky rose

i found these in tesco extra in peterborough so not sure iif they are in other store just thought id post incase they are.

i do have a picture but cant get it on here for some reason


What a bargain! My local Tesco is a about 9/10miles away but not far from work, If I get the chance might pop in tomorrow lunch time. The shops do start to get desperate around mid-end January and this year you should be able to get even more bargains! Excellent find. Where abouts were they in the shop?

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they were with the fake eyelashes and and nails opposite the tampons ! in the peterborough tescos, i thought it was great value considering the mascara ia £9+ on its own !

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just to let people know there are still several of these in the peterborough tesco extra
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