Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Car Seat - Enzo £74  & £12 Boots points  & Quidco!

Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Car Seat - Enzo £74 & £12 Boots points & Quidco!

Found 22nd Mar 2008
The Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Car Seat in Enzo style is currently on a 20% off promotion, reduced from £105 to £84. Use code SJMA36 (rep to Edi) and get £10 off. This is the cheapest I have ever seen one of these seats.

Boots have an online promotion available until April 1st for an extra 600 points on a £60 spend, this is added automatically at checkout. Also the seat has a bonus double points promotion which is added at checkout. This equals £12.72 in Boots points!

Quidco available at 3.5% (£2.59)

This means the seat effectively costs £58.69!

The Maxi Cosi seats are fantastic, this will be my second one. My first Priori has looked after two of my children and I only need another because both of my little ones will need this stage seat at the same time.


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Also I've just noticed the Maxi Cosi Rodi is also on offer at £59.99 so this would then be £49.99. Great for people that missed it on offer at Tesco recently.

Rodi link:…929

Didnt take long out of stock already


Shame this is good car seat - I would have been tempted to put one in the spare car for this price.

i dont think you can get the £10 off and the 600 points.

iv read somewhere on he 600points promotion T&C's that you cannot use it in conjuction with any other offer.

and as boots are quite a fussy bunch this will no doubt be picked up.

earlier this week i went to boots amongst other things to use a £2 pantene voucher that boots had sent me. anyway i picked up a pantene 2in1 and at the till the voucher wouldnt accept, the sale assitant then mentioned in the small print at the back it was £2 off a shampoo OR conditioner, and not the 2 in 1 i had picked up.

prior to that, two months ago at the back of the boots magazine free for advantage card holders you could 3 free prints 7x5" if you use the BOOTS self service photo machines. both in our town centre boots and retail park one they had the kodak one, needless to say a lot of people assuming they were one of the same ended up paying.

with boots i always read and re-read the coupons or offers as iv found out/been told that they are quite crafty with their marketing.

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I ordered the car seat and it let me have the discount and points. I think it is because it automatically applied the free points at checkout, I didn't need to put in a code for it. Usually the codes don't work together if you need to type them both in.
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