Maxi Kinder Egg - Flame Wrapped £10 - Co-op

Maxi Kinder Egg - Flame Wrapped £10 - Co-op

LocalFound 8th Mar 2017
Yes I know it's expensive for a chocolate egg but I've not seen these in the UK for years. I remember buying them in the Woolworths half price sale on Easter Monday. Obviously like deals like my parents did back then! My son has asked for one for last couple of years and I've never been able to buy one so thought other parents might be interested.
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TMNT or Barbie, I bought one of each!
I used to get these years ago my son will be happy. thanks
what size, the 320g ones?
These were marked up wrong in my local, it said they were £6 reduced to £5. I picked up one for each of my three kids and it came to £30 - I pointed out the price on the shelf and they reduced them, I then flashed my NUS card and it took a further 10% off... happy days
Want want want!
Nice find
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