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Maxi Micro Scooter £65.96 (ish) delivered from German Company Der-Rollenshop
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Maxi Micro Scooter £65.96 (ish) delivered from German Company Der-Rollenshop

Posted 22nd Jul 2015
These scooters are around £99 in the UK and rarely discounted. German company Der-Rollenshop selling for 79.85 euros plus 14.95 euros delivery to UK = 94.80 euros which for me, on the day I ordered, worked out at £65.96 which I am thrilled with.

Came across this idea whilst researching for a decent scooter to get my boy for xmas - found a forum post on mumsnet from 2014 from a happy buyer so checked out the site and decided to take the plunge!

Delivery is with DPD so fully trackable.

Not sure what you guys will think of this deal with it being a purchase from a foreign company but I was really happy to come across the chance to save £35.
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I think this is a great deal. I bought one for my son from Sport Gigant who are based in Germany and was delighted with the service. I think I paid about £68 before Christmas but it was much cheaper than I could find it for in the UK.
Thank you! Sounds like you got a great deal from Germany too. I know the cold voters are winning, I had a feeling they would, but I'm glad to have had some hot votes - if I've helped even one parent get a good buy for their kid I'm happy
Brought one from here about a month and a half ago. Arrived in about 3 days and £30 cheaper than anywhere else in the UK. This is hot!
Thanks been looking for one for ages, even eBay is more expensive! My son will be so pleased. It says delivery will take longer as the one I selected is out of stock, hope it's not too long but looking forward to receiving it!
Wish the mini micro was on offer lookalike a good deal

Wish the mini micro was on offer lookalike a good deal

mini micro is on there too. click on the product listed above then it will say show all mini micro products available.
Just had email from dpd and my scooter will arrive tomorrow so that's only 4 days since ordering.

Re: mini micro - they do sell them but you'd only be saving about £6/£7 compared with say Amazon, so not much of a saving on those
Thanks I have ordered!
you never see these on offer, Good find
these scooters are well worth the money, they cost a little to upkeep over the years, but once you buy One you won't have to buy another......
great find thank you - saved £32!
Been searching for a good deal for a micro scooter, no luck. Tried this site and saved £35 on the one the one i want! Very happy.Thanks for posting
I cant find UK in the shipping list, nor when I go to checkout... Am I missing something obvious?
Try "Great Britain" hun

Try "Great Britain" hun


I tried UK, United Kingdom, Britain and England... didn't think to try GB

Thanks again
Just ordered for eur 94.80, but paid via PayPal @ £71.50 ish. which is still £28 cheaper. Found the thread on Mums net and saw this thread as a pre check before I posted (wow search actually worked for once), so just dropped by to give it more heat.
Ordered, great service
Ordered - Thank you!
ordered today fingers crossed it arrives by monday but the offer was too good not to risk it. i know where to come when i see bargains now thank you
I ordered 1 micro mini and 1 micro maxi. For both and delivery it works out £104... Great deal, with over £50 saving

I ordered 1 micro mini and 1 micro maxi. For both and delivery it works … I ordered 1 micro mini and 1 micro maxi. For both and delivery it works out £104... Great deal, with over £50 saving

Thanks so much for the tip off. Mine arrived today (maxi) and cost £66 all in. Only took a week start to finish and both Rollenshop and DPD websites have English versions so nothing is baffling!
Can anyone advise me on the best size to buy? I have a small 6 yr old who's age 3 plus was perfectly fine until last week when he snapped the handle clean off. Thank you
I would purchase the maxi. My daughter is a very small 4.5yr old, I tried her on a friends maxi with handlebars lowered and this was fine.
I bought my average height 5 year old the maxi, she outgrew the Micro. WIth the handle bars lowered it is fine.
Many thanks for both your help. :-)
Thanks OP for posting this! The prices have gone up a little since the original post, and the exchange rate fluctuates, but it is still a very hot deal... I got a Maxi Micro & Mini-Micro 3-in-1 for a total of just under £140 inc delivery - which is a combined saving of over £45 compared to current UK prices.

Also for anyone else who spots it, the scooter descriptions at Der-Rollen-Shop website all state "Not for international shipping!" however this appears to be meaningless, or have been lost in translation, as they quite happily shipped my scooters to the UK.

Delivery speed and updates were also excellent, I ordered on late Friday afternoon, and my scooters were delivered before 10am today... very quick! DPD sent me a text message informing of a 1hr delivery slot, and you can even go to DPD website and view where your delivery van is.

Very happy, hopefully my kids will be too! :-)
Thanks for posting. Have just ordered a black Micro Sprite for £64 including delivery. RRP in the UK is £90.
Another thanks to the original poster of this thread - I too ordered one from this site on Monday, which colour wasn't available in the Uk, and received this morning (£20 cheaper than in UK). THANK YOU!
Quick update on the Micro Maxi Scooter - As of 01/04/2016 the total with the PayPal exchange rate is coming out at £86.42
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