Maxi nutrition lean definition 1kg £14.99 at B&M

Maxi nutrition lean definition 1kg £14.99 at B&M

Found 9th Jan 2016
Maxinutrition lean definition 1kg tub. Cheapest I've seen it strawberry and chocolate flavours. I know you can get cheaper from my protein. But if someone buys this at the actual rrp price it'll save them a lot.
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cheaper if you buy more...
tigerstyles if you buy more...

Thanks for that its available at sainsburys for £11.50 as well for 1kg. Still worth it at £15 or cheaper. They used to sell this for £40/£45 a year ago or two ago.
I have spotted plenty of maxi nutrition supplements at b and m a few weeks ago... not the best price imo. but they have also a lot of weight gainers and protein powders from jbc nutrition... £10 for 1kg pouches or so...
seen this today, alongside there was a for sale 30 or so capsules of creatine monohydrate for around £1.40. ingridient list on the pack stated pure creatine mono hydrate plus anti caking agents.
Maxinutrition products have always been overpriced in my opinion..

Just get a good quality unbranded whey protein.. It'll work out much cheaper..
seen it for 11.99 in home bargins 1kg
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