Maximuscle 2 For 1 Deals (Most Notably on Cyclone Bars) BOGOF + Quidco

Maximuscle 2 For 1 Deals (Most Notably on Cyclone Bars) BOGOF + Quidco

Found 21st Jun 2011
Maximuscle are doing a 2 for 1 on a few bits on their site, best of which I think are the Cyclone bars at £29.99 for 24 then 10% quidco! Works out at £1.125 per bar instead of £2.50!

Absolute bargain!

EDIT: Actually the date looks like the date the deal expires as oppose to a bar expiry date, even better deal!


are they actually short date or is that when the offer expires?

cant see the 2 for 1?

is it 2 x 12 = 24, or 2 x 24 = 48?

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It is 24 for £27.. They are on the bottom right of the page. These are normally £2.50 per bar so you end up getting them at £1.125 which is a bargain!

Not sure if they are actually short date - think that might be when the offer expires..
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How much protein per bar?


Hot for the bars - the rest is overpriced as usual.

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Nutrition Information

Per 60g bar
Energy 215kcal/905kJ
Protein 23.1g
of which sugars
of which polyols 17.3g
of which saturates 6.1g,
Fibre 4.5g
Sodium 0.036g
Key Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate 5g
Glutamine 2g
HMB® 1.5g

The great thing about these bars is that you get glutamine and HMB which you rarely get in protein bars due to the cost.

pretty good deal

Checked reviews on this and it seems that the Choc flavour (as opposed to Choc/Orange) is vile tasting. Unfortunately, only the Choc is on the 2 for 1 offer.

Amazon reviews

Anyone tried the Choc flavour before? Wouldn't want to chuck 23 bars in the bin.

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Yea to be totally honest none of them taste incredible, but if you've been taking protein a while it gets past the point where flavour is a problem. The chocolate ones aren't all that bad, just taste like chocolate and creatine I don't find them tricky to eat at all..

Ok, thanks. I've never had a problem with any protein apart from the chalky glue that was sold cheaply at Argos and the Promax bars are rather tasty, even as a chocolate bar. Will take a punt on the Cyclone, then. It's just that the many reviews warning of upset stomachs is a bit offputting.
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