Maximuscle promax bars £1 in Asda. Was £1.90

Maximuscle promax bars £1 in Asda. Was £1.90

Found 30th Jul 2014
Just went to Asda and saw them a pound each. Would of got loads but I'm cutting and even the lean definition bars are full of carbs and sugars.

All different flavours too. Recovery and lean definition bars.

Ain't to bad if your bulking or struggling to hit your macros though. A few other stuff on sale too.

Picked up a blueberry smoothie just out of curiosity and it was lovely! Wasn't like eating a brick either like most the others.


Why is anyone rating this cold? These are the cheapest I have ever seen them.

good price. thanks op will look out for them on my next visit to asda

this deserves more heat! seriously good deal
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