Maximuscle - Promax Diet Bars - BOGOF @ £25.99 + £5 off first order + 12% cashback (Quidco)
Maximuscle - Promax Diet Bars - BOGOF @ £25.99 + £5 off first order + 12% cashback (Quidco)

Maximuscle - Promax Diet Bars - BOGOF @ £25.99 + £5 off first order + 12% cashback (Quidco)

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Found this on Quidco yesterday, its the cheapest price I could find these type of bars at. Each pack contains 12 bars (not 20), and delivery is free.

If you have a Quidco account (why wouldn't you?) you earn 12% cashback on this purchase (£3.12).
If its your first ever order with Maximuscle use the code 'max09' to get £5 off any order over £25 (they tell you this in your confirmation email).

Not sure whether using the code will affect your Quidco cashback, but if it doesnt you'd end up paying £17.87 for 40 bars.

It is 12 bars per pack not the stated 20. So 24 bars total
- barginfan

It says on quidco link that: 'Cashback will not be paid if voucher codes are used.'
- keithfacee


Can't quite see why this is being voted cold!

Bought mine thanks

Heat added

It is only 12 bars per pack.
Normally £2 a bar in the shops so it does seem a reasonable deal.

Or have I missed a trick?

This is a very good deal in my opinion.

checked on the website and YOU ONLY GET 12 BARSZ IN A PACK, NOT WHAT THIS GUY SAID WHICH IS 20... each bar has 20g of protein in so maybe thats where he got mixed up

As far as quidco goes its not a definate as to whether using the voucher will void any cashback, it only says

"Any other voucher code may result in you not earning Quidco cashback."


Anyone know if they come in any flavour other than chocolate??? (for the bogof deal)

Still a good deal though, heat added (its probaby so cold cos of the rather major error in the post)

Also finally... anyone know whether these bars actually taste nice?

Even if Quidco doesn't payout it's still a good price.
I buy them at Costco normally, for approx £17 a box, this works out at £10.50 a box if you use the discount code. Individually on the high streeet these will cost a couple of quid each.
I suspect they might be short dated though as I saw them for £23.99 a box elsewhere on their site but no mention of BOGOF. It is only a "best before date" though not a "use by".
Delivery day will confirm if I am right.

The picture shows the choc/orange variety but the basket states chocolate???
Taste wise, if you like Terrys chocolate orange you will probably enjoy these. They are very similar in flavour but with the texture of a thick chewy fudge.

My delivery just arrived from Maximuscle. DPD just delivered.
The flavour that will arrive is Dark Chocolate.
JUST A WARNING - The Best Before date is 05/2010 (May 2010).
Maybe this is the reason why it is BOGOF, i.e. short shelf life. Im not really bothered as i will definately eat them by the Best Before date.
I ended up paying £20.99 for 2 boxes at BOGOF including delivery.

Yeh these bars are exactly as you described like a cakey/fudge covered in slightly dark chocolate. got mine today and gonna confirm the sell by date is 05/2010 (on one pack its 07/2010 on the other) though i'd suspect you can probably eat them a couple of month past it.

Was impressed wih the free next day delivery

Got mine today, very impressed with the delivery!

Great deal

Although needs expiring now as they are now doing buy 3 get 1 free.

THIS DEAL IS NOT EXPIRED!!! if you go via quidco and find this deal (its in the hot offers kinda section on homepage) you can still get it... please take note!!! (i just ordered some more and thought this was worth mentioning)

btw as far as i can tell you can only get choc flavour

and these bars give you the worst wind ever
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