Maximuscle's Promax 4 for £88.97 + 15% Quidco, usually £32.99 each
Maximuscle's Promax 4 for £88.97 + 15% Quidco, usually £32.99 each

Maximuscle's Promax 4 for £88.97 + 15% Quidco, usually £32.99 each

Buy forBuy forBuy for£88.97
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Note these sell for £32.99 each on there website and even Argos sell for £31.79 each.

Now on there website you got 3 for £98.97 and you get 1 FREE
If someone recommends you they get £15 and you get £10

So all in all everyone is a winner

and ontop you got 15% quidco and free delivery.

Effective cost £75.62 for 4 big tubs

Note you have to spend £30 min to qualify for your £10 voucher which is alot better than those £100 min or £50 deals. Also you get a free gift a water bootle or shaker


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PS if anyone needs to be referred for the £10 voucher, drop me a pm with ur email add... or simply ask someone who you know who uses the product or orders from them

Maximuscle ain't very good, cheap similar/better products could be found else were IMO.

so just over 3 and a half kilos of protein for £75!! still not that great a deal really and Maximuscle products aren't that great anymore either!!


Not bad for maximuscle as its a well known brand however i would rather buy 5kg of whey for 30 odd quid.

Does anyone know any deals for any nitric oxide stuff, like NO xplode etc, had it before and i felt it gave me a good boost, might be mind over matter but it still helped

GNC sell this for rrp in store and about £25 on the website so after discounts/quidco this is a great deal if your after 4 tubs. Agree with black gerbil though, it's quite expensive compared to similar products but still a good deal if it's what you want.

also there product quality isn't good anymore making the actual product worth less than similar products as you get better results from the purer and better quality products


what i look for in buying protien supplements

1. will it give me gas and make me go toilet all the time?
promax and other maximuscle prodcuts have easy digesting Biomax whey protein and these enzymes to help absorption which does not give gas or tummy problems
2. Amount of protien in prodcut
promax has only 23grams- good enough for most people but not for mee, i need more than 23grams looking at the price they charge. you can always add more scoops but it would be too pricey then
3. mixability
maximuscle prodcuts generally mix quickly without lumps but i have used prodcuts that mix instantly than maximuscle. e.g. bsn syntha6 (probably the best protien prodcut i have ever ever used)
4. taste
maximuscle prodcuts mostly taste good, especially chocolate flavours.
5. types of protien used- this is very very very important, most people do not look at this issue.
protien comes in many forms, some digest easily and some last for longer in the body.
-whey protien is the most quickest digesting form of protien and should be used before a work out and provides an quick boost of protien in the muscles. but it does not last for long in the body.
- milk protien lasts for much longer in the body and slowly provides protien through out the day.
there are other forms of protien sources but these are the main 2 i look for

do not. do not buy only whey protiens(the holland and barret type or the 5kg for under£20 deals), they are cheap but so are the results.

i always try to buy protien supplements that have as many sources of protien as possible.

maximuscle only use only whey protien (as far as i know) but they are probably the number one choice in whey protien as there whey is very high quality.

i would tell people to buy syntha6 by bsn. after having used many protien supplements it is the best i have found.
instant mixability. taste is so damn good that i can not even describe it (chocolate falvour)
no gas- as it contains high quality protien sources and digestive enzymes (like maximuscle does)

it has 6. yes 6 types of protien.
they whey protien absorbs instantly into the body for a quick boost of protien whilst the other protiens
sustained release for upto 6-8 hours. very good for night time
also has fibre
it serves as a meal replacement and does not let you go hungry too quickly

as far as maximuscle- the best whey only protien source in everyway.
but for sustained release buy bsn syntha6- what you pay is what you get.:thumbsup:

also i am voting this deal hot as it is a good price and most shops sell promax for £32.99 each. this deal works out at £23 each i think


I buy 5kg unflavored whey from myprotein.co.uk and that has given me good gains, i take 6 servings a day, 2 in morning, 2 after w/o 2 after dinner. I recommend it as it has helped me gain an extra 7lbs in the past month which i think is good(of course you need to workout hard too)

O btw, mix the unflavored protein with nesquick milkshake flavours, tastes sooo nice then:thumbsup:

one good way to lose loads of pounds!!!;-)

whooooo rahhhhhhhh

monkeybrains you strongly un-awear dude. Maximuscle are nothing but a ripp of.

black gerbil1;2189139

monkeybrains you strongly un-awear dude. Maximuscle are nothing but a … monkeybrains you strongly un-awear dude. Maximuscle are nothing but a ripp of.

what makes you think they are a rip off?

If you drink 12 pints of beer or cheap 'tramp fuel' white cider daily you'll put on weight in no time ;-)

yeah monkey brains don't know where you are getting your information from but take it from someone who knows - Maximuscle isn't very good quality Whey protein!! There are many many better choices out there for pure whey sources!!

i dont see why maximuscle is not favoured on this forum.
i think its pretty good, the only reason i dont use it as a whey protien is becuase of high prices.
plus maximuscle is uks number one selling supplement brand- something must be good about it, as its has high sales despite the prices

Maximuscle used to be a good company especially in the nineties but over time the idea of making more profits took over and quality has been sacrificed plus a few other factors.
Take a look around the net aswel you'll find many places where people are against maximuscle products and know that they are not a quality brand.
as for being the number one brand in the uk....well a few different companies all claim that however Maximuscle is the only one i know of that are sold in supermarkets, jjb etc and have the largest advertising budget aswel as pester u with advertisements online in the post etc so they are bound to sell more.
you have to remember that 70% of the supplement market sales are to people who are just starting to try and get in better shape and will only train for about 3 months and have little knowledge so the advertising will make them go to maximuscle first. The sales therefore don't translate into knowledge!
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