Maxtor basic 250GB usb-2 portable hard disk £22.40 @ sainsburys

Maxtor basic 250GB usb-2 portable hard disk £22.40 @ sainsburys

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Just been to the Ripley branch and purchased a Maxtor 250GB usb-2 portable hard disk. These have been £29.99 for quite a while and I suspect they have been reduced as Sainsbury's seen to be stocking a new Hitachi 250GB drive at £39,99. Due to the refit in the Ripley store the remaining one are in the back and not on the shelf.

May involve a bit of ringing around to see if local branch still have any stock.

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Nice, this is cheap!!!
I got one a few months back when it was 29.99 and also got the bargain 3.5 inch external for 19.99

Cheap .. but these are hit and miss from my experience, I've had 3 of these over the last year .. all of them died after about a month (2 were replacements from the warranty). Saying that however, my mates one has been perfect since he got it .. its even fallen down a flight of stairs.
As I said hit and miss.

I got it when 29.99, excellent on the wii, even willing to run fine of a single usb.

I have one of these paid a lot more for it,great for storing all my films on and playing it through tv via wd media player

got 1 of these use it on my ps3

an 'in store' in the title would be nice

none in Witney, oxfordshire

a store specific non-deal. cold

still £29.99 in my Sainsbury. Do you have a receipt?
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None in Denton

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Sorry if this doesn't work but I I've photographed the receipt, but it's not clear to me how to add to my reply. Also, the item maybe still priced £29.99 on shelf but may scan in at the lower price.


goto and post the link

HOT, but have to check my local
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Thanks mikerr. Hope this has worked.…20j


still £29.99 in my Sainsbury. Do you have a receipt?

Did you scan it?
The £29.99 SEL might simply not have been replaced with a new £22.40 one.

Great buy for £22, Sold quite a few, never had a problem... HOT !


is it a 2.5" SATA internally?


is it a 2.5" SATA internally?

Yep. Bought one several months back and used the drive for my PS3. It's a Seagate drive inside.
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fantastic price! HOTTER THAN A HOT THING! Heat added!

How about a product code?

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The only code I have is the bar code, hope this helps: 7636490005978

Maxtor basics external portable hard drive 250GB USB 2.0

Just got one from the Ripley store. Great deal...thanks OP!
Beware though...when my partner asked a member of staff to check for me if they had any in stock she was told rather grumpily "but he came in and bought one yesterday". She said it was clear that the member of staff clearly didn't believe her when she said that must have been someone else...

BTW, is it usual for a portable hard drive to need to be plugged into two USBs at once? According to the instructions one is for data+power and the other is for power only, but it's a bit annoying to have to use two USBs up on the PC.
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Dont forget your Nector points, They can be used to spend against one of these drives as i did some time ago at the Worksop store when I posted this deal when I got one going cheap.
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