Maxtor DiamondMax +10 7200RPM SATA II/300 300GB 16MB Cache £59.95

Maxtor DiamondMax +10 7200RPM SATA II/300 300GB 16MB Cache £59.95

Found 26th Jul 2006
Another Hot deal from Tekheads! Just £64.95 Delivered.

300Gigs Sata 2 3yrs warranty.

Based on an integrated, single-chip native SATA solution, DiamondMax 10 drives feature native command queuing along with the company’s exclusive dual-processor technology and large buffers to deliver unparalleled speeds compared to traditional drives in their class. This unique set of features combined with Maxtor’s latest firmware technology, allows the drive to self-balance its workloads for a more efficient hard drive operation. With DiamondMax 10 hard drive-enabled systems, consumers can easily run multiple applications, such as games and music, at the same time without overwhelming the PC. Designed for multimedia PC users, graphic artists, system integrators and white box builders, the 7200 RPM DiamondMax 10 drives are offered in capacities of up to 300GB and are ideal for performance desktop computing storing high-resolution images, multimedia content, and personal and business information.

Formatted capacity: 300GB * Average seek time:


Mike, I work as a graphic designer and do alot of work on my home pc. Would you recommend this as a value for money top choice for me? I upgraded my whole system from scratch last year including the Asus P5WD2-E Premium board. I take it i'm good to go with this drive?

P.S. Although my system is decent my hard drive i know is very basic (60GB Seagate) lol. I take it i should notice the difference with a drive like this?



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I just had a quick look at the specs for your mobo and it has 4 sata 2 ports so yes it will work fine, double check by looking at your manual but it looks good to go from here

Another very good SATA hard drive deal Thanks Mike!

Wow, boxblu you'll definitely notice the difference with all the extra storage space!


Happy days Rayman. Should be with me 2moro so all being well i should be cookin on HUKD over the weekend and give ya's sum feedback!

Good luck Yeah please do keep us updated...

Ok, apart from having a bit of hassle with getting the item delivered to my work address it arrived within the 48 hours (i paid extra for special delivery). It arrived in a brown cardboard box no connectors or manuals but i take it that was to be expected. I took it home and easily installed it using the sata connectors i got in abundance with my lovely asus motherboard. Booted up fine and installed xp on fine. It's great having 300gb of space (although the xp tells me that it is actually only 279gb or sumthin).

[SIZE=2]I do have one main concern is the annoying noise i get off it. It makes quite alot of cliciking noises when loading up programs e.g. photoshop. It's the noise you get off old machines that sound like they can't cope with the task. Quite dissapoining to be honest as my old 60gb seagate never made a peep. I haven't given it a proper once over yet but I'm happy with it apart from the noise.[/SIZE]

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Take a look in your bios setup for a disk quiet setting, if its not there look on Maxtors site for one, generally drives come set for max speed and not low noise but can be set to quiet if needbe.

Maxtor drives I've had in the past have been okay. I'm not sure I'd be happy with the clicking noises either if they are excessive. Perhaps Mike can comment on that side of things.

XP takes up a lot of disc space and the formatted size of the hard drive, is why you're only seeing 279Gb of storage remaining.

Oh Mike did whilst I was typing and thinking lol

Did anyone get any of these drives?
I've been trying to find out on the Maxtor site if these drives use a MOLEX power connector or the newer SATA Power connector, can anyone tell me?


I found the information I needed now.

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