maxtor external hdd 500gb

maxtor external hdd 500gb


I quite like the look of this drive, just a shame it's only USB and not Firewire as well. But for the price I think it's really pretty good.

I've been searching loads recently for the perfect external Hard Disk, but with prices falling like crazy I think I'll hold off until 1TeraByte drives are around £100 (currently around £150 - £180).

I bought a Lacie 250Gb external drive, exactly 1 year ago in Jan 2007 and it cost £130 from, I think the same drive now is down to about £45.00!! :x

Thanks for posting and voted hot! :-D

Maxtor = hot and unreliable


Maxtor = hot and unreliable

That was helpful :roll:

Why not suggest an alternative drive if these are so bad???

FYI, I have a Maxtor 250Gb internal drive in my Mac, used every day for over 2 years - never had a single problem. Absolutely rock solid. :thumbsup:

I have the Seagate Freeagent 500GB and love it, had a western digital portable drive before and wouldn't work half the time.

I've had Maxtor internal drives before and never had problems?
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