May Day 1/2 price madness @!!

May Day 1/2 price madness @!!



Sorry mate, cold from me, a lot of this seems to be usual price. Some have been cheaper before eg. Superman Returns - £4.99 when it was £1.99 a few weeks ago and 300 £4.99 when it has been £2.99 in a few of their other sales

Some aren't even half price eg:
Toshiba Regza 42" 42XV503DB HD 1080p Freeview Widescreen LCD TV
RRP: £899.99
£779.99 Free Delivery

I agree - there are a couple of items there which I looked at yesterday, and they're the same price now! Plus Heroes season one DVD - RRP £59.99, now £37.99. Half price indeed!

Thanks for posting but this is a con by :x

Do we maybe need some sort of mass letter to Play to point out to them that we are perfectly well aware that most of their so-called sales are nothing of the sort?

Madness my ****

Ordered memory card on Monday price £6.99 :roll:

May Day Madness price..............................£6.99:whistling:…830
Sorry cold!

It is a marketing ploy to bring your attention to the prices they normally have. Not a bad idea if you never shop at - but if like us you are regular it is just plain annoying!

voted cold as its always the same things

Wasnt may day yesterday?

Maybe they had price reductions yerterday, but just got the advertising wrong.
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